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I'm Edgar Costilla.

Front end Developer UI/UX Designer 3D VR/AR Expert Teacher

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I like the agile methodologies, making the future and chips.


I am a generalist designer, I have worked in all fields related to design and now I am dedicated to directing multidisciplinary teams

  • Fullname: Edgar Costilla
  • Birth Date: June 26, 1983
  • Job: Art director, UI UX Designer
  • Website: www.edgarcostilla.com
  • Email: info@edgarcostilla.com


I have worked with agile methodologies, usually as a problem solver, I love to use lean methods and its application in design processes, at the technical level my use of 2d tools is natural, and 3d suits me well.

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    Game Design
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More of my credentials.

Working with teams where I feel comfortable for me is what matters, I've been lucky in my career.

Work Experience

VP of design and comunication VR/AR

July 2015 - Now

Psious (VR healthcare)

Psious is a virtual reality Startup applied to the treatment of phobias with a B2C business model. In Psious I work both in the development of the product 3d, game design, and at the art direction, I led a multidisciplinary team and towards a bit of everything.

UX/UI Teacher-advisor

July 2012 - Now

IIMN (International Marketing Institute "Barcelona")

In the IMNN I dedicate to advise at UX UI level and I am a teacher, in the center I teach to prototype and to use processes of design and user test like for example user people or card sorting..

Web Designer /Front end developer

May 2013 - June 2015


In Venca we developed the project of the new e-commerce site, in this company I learned to work on a project with SCRUM, carried the part of the front end development, the UX UI and collaborated in the user tests with the QA.


Postgraduate Degree in Design Management

September 2014 - July 2015

Postgraduate Degree in Design Management (Baued)

In this postgraduate will emphasize the strategic and management aspects that lead to business success, as well as the skills needed to respond innovatively to the transformation of organizational models and project management.

Scrum Master

August 2014

Smoking Brains

Take a pilot course in Scrum making the Scrum Master in the hand of Smoking Brains thanks to my good friend and mentor Jose Carlos Gil.


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